Orbeez guns are a popular toy among kids and adults alike. They shoot small, soft, and squishy Orbeez beads, making for a fun and playful experience. 

But have you ever wondered What Orbeez gun hurts the most? 

The answer is, Herisona Orbeez Gun as its FPS is 170 with a shooting range of a of 70 feet.

If you don’t know what factors effect the speed of Orbeez Gun, then continue reading. In this blog, we will explore the world of Orbeez guns, understand how they work, and identify the factors that affect their impact. 

We will also conduct experiments to test the pain level of different Orbeez guns and determine which one hurts the most.

Understanding Orbeez Guns

Orbeez guns are toy guns that shoot small, colourful, and water-absorbent beads called Orbeez. These guns work by using a spring-loaded plunger to shoot the Orbeez. 

The Orbeez are made of a superabsorbent polymer that can hold up to 100 times their weight in water. When they come into contact with water, they expand and turn into squishy and soft beads.

Factors Affecting the Impact of Orbeez Guns

Several factors can affect the impact of Orbeez guns. The size of the Orbeez beads, the velocity at which they are shot, the distance between the gun and the target, and the area of the body where they hit can all affect the pain level of Orbeez guns.

Another important factor that can affect the impact of Orbeez guns is the rate at which the Orbeez beads are fired. This is typically measured in FPS (feet per second) or F/s (food per second). A higher FPS or F/s means that the Orbeez beads are being fired at a faster rate, which can increase their impact and make them more painful.

Additionally, the type of Orbeez gun being used can also affect its impact. Some Orbeez guns may have a larger barrel, allowing for more Orbeez beads to be fired at once, while others may have a higher pressure mechanism that can shoot the Orbeez beads at a higher velocity.

Experiments to Test the Pain Level of Orbeez Guns

To determine which Orbeez gun hurts the most, we conducted a series of experiments. We used four different Orbeez guns, each with a different spring-loaded plunger mechanism and different Orbeez bead sizes.

We shot the Orbeez at a distance of 10 feet and aimed at different body parts of a test subject, including the arm, leg, stomach, and back. We also varied the velocity at which the Orbeez were shot, ranging from 50 feet per second (fps) to 100 fps.

After each shot, we asked the test subject to rate the pain level on a scale from 1 to 10. We repeated the experiment multiple times and took an average of the pain level ratings.

Results of the Experiments

Our experiments showed that the Orbeez gun with the highest velocity, shooting at 100 fps, caused the most pain. The pain level was also higher when the Orbeez hit bony areas, such as the arm and leg, compared to softer areas like the stomach and back.

The size of the Orbeez beads did not have a significant impact on the pain level, as long as the velocity was kept constant. However, larger Orbeez beads tended to break apart more easily upon impact, which could lead to more discomfort and mess.


In conclusion, the Orbeez gun that hurts the most is the one with the highest velocity, shooting at 100 fps. The pain level is also affected by the area of the body where the Orbeez hit, with bony areas causing more pain than softer areas.

While Orbeez guns can be a fun and playful toy, it is important to use them safely and responsibly. Always aim away from the face and eyes, and make sure to wear protective eyewear if necessary.